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Go Green with the Paper(less) Classroom: Home

Technology Day January 2015

Reduce Waste

Tips for anyone:

  • Read on the computer screen rather than printing when it does not negatively impact learning outcomes. (See: The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper vs Screens for a discussion of possible negative impact.

  • Save work on the H drive or a USB flash drive or other method to save rather than printing it out.

  • Print PowerPoint handouts with multiple slides on one page.

  • Create PowerPoint slides with dark text on a light background, which uses less toner.

  • Always 'print preview' to make sure you're only printing pages you need.

  • Recycle paper when it is no longer needed.

  • Scan instead of photocopying. It’s free!

    Stapleton Library provides the following scanners:

    • 1st floor – Overhead scanner located across from the Circulation Desk. Save scan to USB flash drive

    • 1st floor – twelve flatbed scanners in media pods area. Save scan to a USB flash drive or H drive or email to yourself.

    • Ground floor – Micro format scanner. Save to USB flash drive

  • Use Interlibrary Loan Services to order books and scans of articles not owned by IUP at no cost.Interlibrary Loan webpage is:

  • Instead of printing articles from library databases out, email to yourself or save them to your H drive or in EndNote or Zotero (which also assist you in saving the bibliographic information you need to cite them.

For faculty:

  • Suggest that if students do print, that they print double-sided.

  • Save PowerPoint handouts as a PDF to ensure multiple slides are printed per page.

  • Go paperless for class assignments by using D2l Dropbox for assignment submission.

  • Use GradeMark to simplify grading (available in Turnitin through D2L Dropbox to simplify grading. See demo:

  • Use online quizzes  or tests to reduce paper use and simplify grading

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