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Engish 202 -Villa - Summer 2018: Home

Your Instructor -- Dr. Judith Villa

Steps to Research

Welcome to the English 202 instruction guide! The librarian who will help you in this class and her contact information can be found in the box on the right of this page. If you need assistance, you can email her, pretty much any time, at She will also be working on the reference desk at the library from January 4th to 8th, so you can call her at the reference desk between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm at 724-357-3006.

This guide will contain links to documents, tutorials, and videos that will help you do the library research and citation part of your English class. There is a numbered list of contents below. The boxes are numbered in the order you should view them.


1. Academic Integrity

2.  Citation

3. Choosing the Right Keywords

4. Tips for More Efficient Searching

5. Google Filter Bubble

6. Google Scholar

7. Searching Library Databases through the I-Search

8.  Evaluating What You Find

9. Types of Publications

10. Sample Assignments

11. How to Connect to Library Databases When Not on Campus

12. How to Get Research Help from a Real Live Person

13. Dreamworlds 3

14.  Syllabus, class contracts, and calendar

Happiness Advantage and Empowered Researching

3. Choosing the Right Key Words

4. Tips for More Efficient Searching

Top Ten  Internet Search Tips

Phrase Searching (this is the tip you will probably use most).

6. Google Scholar

Subject Guide

9. Type of Publication

11. How to Get Access to Library Databases When Not on Campus

12. How to Get Research Help from a Real Live Person

You can contact the library reference desk by telephone most day and early evening hours during regular  semesters at 724-357-3006. During Winter Break you can contact librarians via the Ask A Question Link.  

13. Dreamworlds 3