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Door Prize Books

Gurung and Schwartz. (2012). Optimizing Teaching and Learning: Practicing Pedagogical Research.  Wiley-Blackwell.

Schwartz, B.A.  (2012). Evidence-Based Teaching for Higher Education. American Psychological Association.


Panelists and CTE Award Winners 2014-2015
Dr. Crystal Machado. Professional Studies in Education. Pedagogical Research
Dr. Teresa Shellenbarger. John Woolcock. Teacher/Scholar for Reflective Practice
Dr. Melissa Swauger. Experiential Education

Resources Available through IUP Libraries

Journal Articles

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Subject Guide

Apply for Center for Teaching Excellence Awards

Faculty Recognition Program for Excellence in Teaching
One of the goals of the Center for Teaching Excellence, as set forth in its original mission statement, is to develop mechanisms for recognizing the excellence in teaching that exists at IUP. To this end, the Faculty Recognition Program for Excellence in Teaching was established in 1990 by the Teaching Excellence Subcommittee of the Faculty Professional Development Committee.

The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge the multidimensional nature of the practice of teaching and to begin to recognize some of the many excellent faculty members at IUP. These are not global awards for teaching, like the University Senate award for teaching. These are possible ways of thinking about your teaching. However, there are many other possibilities.

Award Guidelines and Application 

Self-nominations are encouraged. If you need additional information, please call 724-357-7800 or send an e-mail to