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Culinary Arts: Find Articles

This subject guides highlights resources, such as books, videos, journals, databases and links which are available to Culinary Arts students at IUP Punxsutawney

Print Magazines in the IUP Punxsy Library

Bon Appetit

Fancy Food and Culinary Products

Journal of Culinary Science and Technology

Vegetarian Times

Electronic Journals and Magazines Available through the IUP Libraries

The IUP Libraries provides access to many popular and scholarly e-journals related to culinary arts.  To access a list of these publications, choose a subject-specific list below.

Discovery Search

Discovery Search is an integrated search of books, e-books, research articles, newspaper articles, and other publications available from IUP Libraries.  You can think of it as a one-stop search engine for almost all of the resources the library provides.

Discovery Search Box

Use Discovery Search to Find Articles

The video below will demonstrate how to find articles using the Libraries' Discovery Search.

Suggested Databases

You can also use specific databases to search for magazine and journal articles.