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National Cyber Security Awareness Month. 2016: Contest Videos: Home

National Cyber Security Awareness Announcement

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! 
The Institute for Cyber Security, IUP IT Support Center, IUP Center for Teaching Excellence, and the IUP Libraries, joined together to provide weekly tips and educational activities for all end users in October of 2016.  This initiative was an effort to ensure that every individual has the resources needed to stay safe online.

Enter the Contest
To participate, students, faculty and staff watched informative videos linked below, and took the quizzes!  Each time they took a quiz their names were entered into the raffle to win.  Winners were  announced at Cyber Security/IA Day, November 3rd, 2016.  Participants can no longer enter to win prizes, but the videos and quizzes are still available for use as curriculum materials. Those wishing to participate in the October 2017 contest, should watch videos and take quizzes available on the National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017 page.

Prizes were bookstore gift certificates.


Social Media (Week of 10/24/16)

Wi-Fi Hotspots (Week of 10/17/16)

Passwords (Week of 10/3/16)

Phishing (Week of 10/10/16)


Cyber Security Awareness Educational Materials

Privacy, Identity, and Online Security. Consumer Information. Federal Trade Commission 

OnGuard Online.Tips to Help You feel Safe and Secure Online. Check out the Federal Trade Commission's free online security tips and resources, and share with your friends, family, coworkers, and community.

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