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Searching the Scientific Literature: Beyond IUP Libraries

A general guide and portal to searching the scientific literature at IUP and beyond.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's foray into indexing and searching scholarly publications. 

In cases where IUP does own the full-text of the article in electronic format, a link to the full-text is provided by Google Scholar.

Resources beyond the Library

There is a whole world of additional science information sources outside of the IUP Libraries' holdings, and the advent of the World Wide Web has made most of it available from your computer. When you search the web beyond the IUP Libraries, you might find:

  • Government organizations like the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Geological Survey, which provide information on news, funding sources, and new research discoveries to the public. These agencies make resources like MEDLINE, PubMed, and PubMed Central available.
  • Portal Sites like or, which collect information for scientists, researchers, and practitioners in the field, forming communities of practice and helping scientists learn about current research and make connections to colleagues across the world.
  • University web sites that highlight research being performed by professors and graduate students around the world, encouraging scientists to connect with each other and collaborate on new projects, and helping prospective students find programs that meet their needs.

and many other interesting and useful sites.

This rich source of information can be an invaluable tool. Unfortunately, for every valuable, reliable resource on the net, there are many sites that contain information that is unreliable, incorrect, or even intentionally misleading.

While traditional publishers of any reputation critically review their products before they reach the public, the ease of publishing on the World Wide Web allows anyone with even rudimentary knowledge to post pages to the Internet without any editorial review.

The most important task of the Internet researcher becomes one of sorting through the irrelevant, unreliable, and misleading material to locate the truly valuable sources located there.However, it is your responsibility to evaluate every resource you find for authority, accuracy, and appropriateness to your project.

Check out the Evaluating Web Resources tab for more information on how to make sure you're getting good, accurate information when you venture beyond the IUP Libraries!

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