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Geography of the IUP Libraries: Finding Books

Learn how the IUP Libraries are organized, and where to find the information you need.


Use the Online Catalog

Search by Title

Example: Find the book England After the War

Example 2: Do a journal title search for the Journal of Biochemistry

Search by Author

Example: Find books by Chuck Palahniuk

Search by Subject Heading

Example: Find titles that have a subject heading beginning with "german history" (note - this brings back a list of subject headings, which shows only 1 title having a subject heading beginning with "german history")

Search by Keyword

Example: Find titles with the keywords "german" and "history" (by contrast, this returns more than 10,000 titles!)

Guided Search (the "advanced" search)

Combine multiple keywords and terms together, and specify where to look for them:

Example: Find books with England in the title, Churchill in the author name, but nothing with "Winston" anywhere in the keywords

Science Librarian

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Chris Clouser
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