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Introduction to LibGuides: Creating a New Guide

A brief introduction to the LibGuides system.

Quick Steps

  1. Go to My Admin Page
  2. Select Create New Guide
  3. Select Template option
  4. Provide a Title and Description
  5. Select Editors (Optional)
  6. Click Create New Guide

New Guides

Creating new guides is easy: just click the Create New Guide link, complete the form that pops up, and start adding content!

When you create a new guide, you'll be presented with a dialog asking you to complete several options:

The Template

You can start with a blank guide with the default settings (column widths, and so forth).

Alternatively, you can copy an existing guide as a template for your new one.The existing guide can be yours, another IUP guide, or even a guide from another institution (Springshare encourages users to collaborate and exhange ideas and best practices when using LibGuides; always ask permission, of course!)

If you select another guide as a template, it will ask you to indicate which guide you want to use.

Guide Information

You'll be asked to enter a title and a short description for your guide.

Guide Editors

You can select up to 3 other users here at IUP to have editing permission for your guide. This is optional.

Once you've completed those details, click the Create New Guide button and you're off!

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