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Films On Demand Help Guide: Help Guide

New Streaming Video Database

Films on Demand Help

Please follow these links for information to help make your use of Films On Demand more rewarding:

Engage Students with Streaming Video Technology Day Presentation

Introduction to Films On Demand

Films On Demand [FOD] is a web-based digital video delivery service that allows you to view streaming videos from Films Media Group anytime, anywhere, 24/7! Choose from more than 12,000+ educational titles in dozens of subject areas. Films On Demand can deliver high-quality digital video ideal for students and faculty through online catalogs, distance learning courses and learning management systems.

Use the Help documents in the box to the left to get acquainted with this new service.

Follow this link to Films on Demand

Be sure to set up a user account in Films on Demand to take advantage of all the features offered by this database like

  • creating and sharing playlists,
  • saving your favorite videos for quick access, and
  • setting your default preferences.

Just  follow the "Create an Account" link at the topright corner of the initial page of Films On Demand, enter your IUP email and create a password.

Technical Issues in Films On Demand

Here are some technical pointers for using Films On Demand:

  1. The 12,000+ videos will be set to the format that should work best with your computer.

  2. Each user can also choose the format that works best with their computer. The format choices are available in a drop down menu under user preferences AFTER you sign in to your FOD "My Account." See the Introduction box for directions on how to create an account in FOD. Formats include:
    1. Windows Media (300 Kbps) 
    2. QuickTime (300Kbps) [Not available for all videos]
    3. Flash (700 Kbps, 400 Kbps, or 1.5 Mbps)
  3. Entire titles or just segments can be included in playlists or be included in Moodle or D2L.

  4. You can now use both the IUP VPN  or your library barcode to access Films on Demand from off campus.
  5. Remember, if you have trouble accessing databases through the VPN, you may need to change your VPN settings by Setting up the default Gateway in the IUP VPN settings. Here is the link for the instructions for updating the Default Gateway:  And here is a link to a video for performing the same operation:


A Word About Copyright

It is illegal to break the encription codes that are present on most DVD's. Harvard Law has published a white paper, The Digital Learning Challenge: Obstacles to Educational Uses of Copyrighted Material in the Digital Age -- A Foundational White Paper, available in its entirety at

In order to use a DVD in Moodle or any other LMS you have to break the Digital Rights Management encryption and so in Harvard's words "... educators are potentially vulnerable to civil or even criminal penalties if they interfere with whatever technological restrictions rightsholders choose to impose on the use of content [of DVD's]."

Films on Demand has granted us the right to use these videos for IUP educational purposes without any red tape or threat of legal action.

Ask a Librarian

Have a question?  Just Ask!  or text your question to (724) 401-1984