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Library Research in Communications Media: COMM 302 Research in Comm Media

This guide helps students to familiarize themselves with using the IUP Libraries for their communication research.

Getting Started with EBSCOhost

EBSCO Saving Search Alerts

Starting your research...

Advanced Searching in EBSCOhost

Having a good keyword searching strategy is key.

Looking at Topic Questions to Create Good Keyword Searches Spring 2014

List of Research Topics

COMM 302 (Spring 2014)



The Evolution of Sampling in Hip Hop
Comparative Analysis of Video Game Consumption (corporate-backed products vs. the Indie market)
The changing composition of tv commentators and panelists in the NFL
Consumption habits: where/how are college students introduced to new music in 2014?
Comparative analysis of advertisements during NHL / NBA broadcasts
Social networks and surveillance in romantic relationships
Students' preferences in social media platforms
Social media and relational maintenance
Violence/gore in horror films (have they gotten more graphic over time?)
Students' motivations for exercise

Coordinator of Online Information Literacy Design Center (OILDC) and Distance Education Librarian

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