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Communications Media Research: Searching the Library

A guide to resources for research in communications media.

Example Searches


Impact of Streaming video on DVD Sales

Topics: business, communications, economics

Database: Business Source Premier

Search type: Advanced Search


"streaming video" + "dvd", 45 results

"streaming" + "dvd" + "sales"

"dvd sales" + "decline OR drop"


Media and Body Image:

Topics: communications, psychology, sociology

Databases: Communications & Mass Media Complete, Psychological Collection

Search: C&MMC, Advanced


"body image", 227 results, 90 scholarly w/full text

"self-perception" + "portrayal"


Search: Psych. & Behavioral Sciences Collection

"media" + "body image"


Violence and Video Games:

Topics: psychology, media studies

Databases: C&MMC, P&BSC

Search: C&MMC, Advanced

"video games" + "violence"


Search: P&BSC, Advanced

"media" + "violence"

"media" + "violence" + "games"

"games" + "violence" + "adolescent"


New Year's Resolutions & Weight Loss

Topics: comm/media

Databases: C&MMC

Search: Advanced

"marketing" + "weight loss"

"marketing" + "new year" + "resolution"


Popularity of Social Networks



"social networks"+ "college OR university"

"facebook" + "college OR university"

"facebook" + "college OR university" + "adoption"

Different Usage of Social Networks among College Students

Topics: communications, sociology

Database: C&MMC, SocINDEX

Searching C&MMC

"social networks" + "usage" + "college"

"social networks" + "use cases"

"social networks" + "college" + "patterns"

Searching SocINDEX

"online social networks" + "college OR university"


Impact of frequent online social network use on face-to-face interaction

Topics: psychology, communications, sociology


"online social networks" + "reality"

"online social networks" + "personal relationships"

Search: PsycINFO

"online social networks" + "addiction"

Search: P&BSC

"online interaction" + "face-to-face"

"online interaction" + "dependence"

"social networks" + "shyness"


Media Impact on College Student's Purchasing Decisions

Topics: business, marketing, communications

Databases: Business Source Premier, C&MMC, P&BSC


"advertising" + "college students"

"advertising" + "college OR university"

"(college OR university) AND students" + "advertising OR marketing" + "effects OR influence"


Portrayal of Women in Media

Topics: business, communications, women's studies, sociology, psychology

Databases: C&MMC, SocINDEX, Women's Studies International

Search: C&MMC

"women OR female" + "portrayal"

"women OR female" + "stereotypes"

Search: Women's Studies International

"media" + "portrayal" 

"women in mass media"

"sex role"