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Faculty Guide: Library Instruction (for Students)

This guide includes links to information useful for IUP teaching faculty.


The mission of the IUP Libraries Instruction Team is to develop a wide variety of instructional services for the students of IUP that address various aspects of information literacy. This may include teaching credit-bearing courses, teaching bibliographic instruction sessions as requested by university faculty members, providing individualized instruction when requested by students, and creating electronic and print materials to support student learning and information literacy. 

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What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy is defined as being able to recognize when information is needed and having the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information. Information literacy is common and essential to all disciplines, to all learning environments, and to all levels of education—it forms the basis for lifelong learning.

Information literacy skills allow a person to:

  • Determine the extent of an information need
  • Access the needed information effectively and efficiently
  • Evaluate information and its sources critically
  • Incorporate selected information into one's knowledge base
  • Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  • Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally

For more information, see the Association of College and Research Libraries' Competency Standards for Higher Education.

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