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Faculty Guide: Best Practices

This guide includes links to information useful for IUP teaching faculty.


Oftentimes, faculty members external to the Library are students' gateway to using the Library. If faculty members do not explicitly ask students to use Library resources, students will avoid doing so because they lack a basic understanding of what the Library has to offer and how to access materials. However, as an institutional goal, IUP strives to promote information literacy among students, which forms the basis of lifelong learning. This page contains some methods faculty members can use to encourage students to engage with the library.

Best Practices

Request a Library Instruction Session

Library instruction sessions can provide a basic introduction to the library, as well as more advanced instruction in library research. IUP Libraries encourages instructors of all classes that include a research component to request a library instruction session. It is best to requrest an instruction session when students have an assignment to work on, particularly while they're in the earliest stages of the assignment.

Syllabus Statement

Include a statement in your syllabi along the lines of the following: "IUP Libraries provides access to a wide range of resources (books, scholarly journals, audiovisual materials, etc.) necessary for successful completion of coursework at IUP.  If you need assistance finding and/or using Library resources, ask a librarian. Librarians are highly trained information specialists who can help you locate factual answers to common questions, offer instruction on the use of library information resources and materials, help you cite or determine the authority and reliability of sources, and help you navigate your way through the wealth of scholarly and popular information resources available through IUP Libraries and the greater Internet."

Link to Instructional Videos

IUP Libraries provides video tutorials to assist students in navigating Library resources. You can link to these videos in Moodle/D2L. You can access these videos on our YouTube Channel.

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