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Library Research in Adult and Community Education: Getting Started


1.    Set up your VPN. This will allow you to access all of IUP Libraries' databases without having to type in your computing username and password.  You will also be able to utilize your IUP network drive. Note:  You must map the network drive in order to be able to access it through the VPN.

2.    Set up your ILLIAD account in case you need to place an interlibrary loan for journal articles that are not available in print or electronic format through IUP Libraries. 

3.    Utilize PALCI to borrow books IUP Libraries does not own.

4.    Set up account managers in databases such as My EBSCOhost.

5.    Contact your librarian for further assistance:

Locating ebooks

Use PILOT, IUP Libraries' online catalog, to locate ebooks. Follow these steps:

1. Type the title of the ebook you are looking for into the "Search for" box and select "Title" in the "Search by" box.

2. If you don't have a specific title in mind, type a subject heading or keyword in the "Search for" box and select either "Subject Heading Search" or "Keyword Ranked Search" in the "Search by" box.

3. Click the "Search" button.

4. In the result list, look for titles that have the Call Number listed as "Electronic Book."

5. Click on the hyper-linked title to access the ebook.

Searching IUP Libraries' Databases for Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

To find peer-reviewed journal articles in IUP Libraries' databases, follow these steps:

1. Go to the IUP Libraries homepage.

2. In the I-SEARCH box, type the keyword, title, or author you are looking for.

3. Click the "Search" button.

4. The result list will include many different kinds of sources. To limit your result list to peer-reviewed articles only, go to "Refine Results" on the left. Under "Limit To," place a checkmark next to "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals." This will immediately limit your result list to peer-reviewed articles only.

Database Search Strategies

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