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Evaluating the Internet: Getting Started

Online Information Literacy Instruction for Dr. Mike Sell's Honors English Composition.


1.    Set up your VPN – This will give you the advantage of being on campus to access all IUP Libraries databases without have to use the 16-digit I-card number.  You will also be able to utilize your virtual H-drive. Note this must be mapped to your computer.

2.    Set up your ILLIAD account

3.    Utilize PALCI for books IUP Libraries does not own or is checked out.

4.    Set up account managers in databases such as My EBSCOhost.

5.    Contact your Librarian for further assistant

Getting Started

START HERE: Library Webpage

To find books go to the Online Catalog

If the IUP Libraries does not own the book or it is checked out you can borrow the book from other institutions through:

  • PALCI (Borrow books IUP Libraries does NOT OWN or CHECKED OUT)
  • arInterlibrary Loan (ILLIAD ) (For books not found in PALCI and articles)
  • To find articles got Articles & More (Holds all the databases owned by IUP Libraries)

Information Literacy

Understanding the Source

Primary sources are original document or account that is not about another document or account but stands on its own.

  • novel, poem, play, diary, letter, speeches, autobiographies, or other creative work
  • the data from a research study because it comes straight from the participants' replies, statistics
  • Interviews, a first hand account— not of experts but of people actually experiencing something "on the scene," are also primary sources
  • Public documents, hearings, laws, and treaties

Secondary sources ones that interpret primary sources or are otherwise a step removed. Provides analysis—an explanation or a restatement of primary source. Often based upon and cite primary resources

  • A journal article or book about a poem, novel, or play
  • or a commentary about what an interview signifies is a secondary source.
  • Your paper will likewise become a secondary source.
  • Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, textbooks

Primary vs. Secondary Sources


Primary Source

Secondary Source


Original artwork

Article critiquing the piece of art



Interview with a politician

Slave diary

Article on interviewing politicians

Book about the Underground RR



Treatise on a particular genre of poetry

Political Science


Essay on Native American land rights


Videotape of a performance

Biography of a playwright


Coordinator of Online Information Literacy Design Center (OILDC) and Distance Education Librarian

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Chris Clouser
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