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Taxation Resources: Legal Databases

IUP Library resources related to the study of taxes and taxation at the U.S. Federal and state levels.

Legal Databases

To access the databases below, click on the title or go to the Library Home Page (, click on "Databases" and then select the appropriate database from the alphabetic list.

Academic Universe (Lexis/Nexis)

This database provides an extensive collection of legal material as well as current news sources, business and company information and reference material.

To access tax material, click on the "Search By Content type" link and under "People, Places and Things," select "Tax Law."   The system will then display a search screen and allow you to select the content to search (open "Advanced Options"). Available content includes:

Internal Revenue Code
Treasury Regulations
Internal Revenue Manual
All State Tax Statutes, Regulations, Cases and Admin Decisions
Federal Tax Cases & IRS Administrative Decisions
Federal Tax Legislation, Congressional Reports & Bills
IRS Bulletins, Letter Rulings and Memoranda Decisions
State Tax Newsletters
John Wiley Publicatons
Combined Federal & State Tax Journals
The Practical Tax Lawyer
The Tax Advisor
Tax Analysts Tax Magazines, Combined
Tax Analysts Tax Publications and Treatises
Tax Facts Intelligence
The Tax Lawyer
Alternatively, you can select the "Source Directory" link at the top and then select either "Find" or "Browse" to search by material type.   You can then select from over 300 sources (e.g. Pennsylvania Tax Cases and Board of Finance & Revenue Decisions).  Once you have selected your sources, click "OK - Continue" to enter your search terms.
Campus Research (Westlaw)  (Note:  On-campus access must use the Internet Explorer Browser)
This database provides a comprehensive law library.  Although there is not a specific section for tax law, primary tax law documents can be found throughout the database.  The system allows you to search the following content:
   Encyclopedias and Law Reviews
   Cases (Federal and State)
   U.S. Supreme Court Briefs
   Federal Administrative Materials
   Statutes and Regulation (Federal and State)  - this section is browsable
   European Union Library 



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