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Library Resources and Services for Special Education Faculty: Getting Started


1.    Set up your VPN. This will allow you to access all of IUP Libraries' databases without having to use the 16-digit I-card number.  You will also be able to utilize your virtual H drive. Note:  You must map the H drive in order to be able to access it through the VPN.

2.    Set up your ILLIAD account in case you need to place an interlibrary loan for journal articles that are not available in print or electronic format through IUP Libraries. 

3.    Utilize PALCI to borrow books IUP Libraries does not own.

4.    Set up account managers in databases such as My EBSCOhost.

5.    Contact your librarian for further assistance:

Database Search Strategies

Sample Steps in Your Research Process

1. Formulate a research question.

            Example: What are the effects of dolphin-assisted therapy on children with autism spectrum disorders?

2. Locate key words in your research question. (See boldfaced words above.)

3. Choose appropriate resources.


            Academic OneFile (database)          

            EBSCOhost (interface)

            ScienceDirect (database)                       

            Web of Science (database)

            American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (website)  

            The Autism Research Foundation  (website)

            Autism Speaks  (website)

            Google Scholar (search engine)

4. Formulate a search string using boolean operators (AND, OR & NOT).


            A. dolphin therapy AND autism

            B. dolphin therapy AND autism NOT perceptions

            C. dolphin therapy AND autism NOT perceptions NOT animal behavior         

5. Use limiters.


            A.    “Apply related words” (replaces truncation symbols)

            B.    “Also search within the full text of the articles” (broadens search)

            C.     Scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals

            D.    Publication dates (last five or ten years)

6. Reformulate your search string as needed. Utilize the following to locate other search terms/articles:

            A.  Interface/database-suggested Search Terms (pop up as you type)

            B. Subjects/Descriptors/Keywords (found in record)

            C. “Find Similar Results”

            D. Reference Lists

7. Click the “Check PILOT for Holdings” link to find full-text coverage of articles.

8. If an article you’re looking for is not available in print or electronically through IUP Libraries, place an interlibrary loan request through ILLIAD. (You’ll need the article citation to place the request.)


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