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Literature Resources: Microform Resources

A guide to IUP's resources for the study of English and American Literature

Microform Resources

Early American Imprints (Microcard)

Retrieval requires an “Evans” or “Shaw/Shoemaker” accession number.  Imprints prior to 1800 are detailed in Charles Evans’ 13-volume American Bibliography ([REF] Z1215 .E923) or Roger Bristol’s 1-volume supplement ([REF] Z1215 .E92334).  Imprints from 1800 to 1819 are found in Ralph Shaw and Richard Shoemaker’s multi-volume work ([REF] Z1215 .S48).

Early English Books (Microfilm)

Retrieval requires a reel number.  There are two sets of Early English Books.  Imprints from 1475 to 1640 (820.8 En36p) are detailed in Pollard & Redgrave’s Short Title Catalog… ([REF]Z2002.P77 1956) and imprints from 1641-1700 (820.8 En36w) are listed in Wing’s Short Title Catalog… ([REF]Z202.W5).  Reel numbers can also be found in the notes of individual records in the online catalog.  In the series note, the number before the colon is the reel number and the number after it is the position on the reel.  The entire full text collection is also available online in the Early English Books Online [EEBO] database.

LAC – Library of American Civilization (Ultra-microfiche)

Retrieval is by LAC number.  Individual titles are listed in the online catalog and the LAC number is included in the notes.  A four-volume guide to the microbook collection can be found at [REF]Z1236.L5 1971.

LEL – Library of English Literature (Ultra-microfiche)

Retrieval is by LEL number.  Individual titles are included in the microforms card catalog and the LEL number is noted on the card.  A two-volume guide to the microbook collection can be found at [REF]Z2011.L73.

Wright American Fiction (Microfilm) 813 W93am

Retrieval requires a volume and reel number.  Individual titles are included in the online catalog and contain the specific reel number in the notes field.  The collection is based on Lyle H. Wright’s American Fiction volumes – 1774-1850 ([REF]Z1231.F4 W9b), 1851-1875 ([REF]Z1231.F4 W92), and 1876-1900 ([REF]Z1231.F4 W93).  A printed guide to the collection is available as [REF]Z1231.F4 W94.  Reel indexes to the sets are located at the Micro Desk