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Services at IUP Libraries: Library Policies

Learn about the departments and services available at the IUP Libraries that are available to students, faculty, staff, community members, and academic researchers.

Checking out a Book

An I-Card is always required when checking out library materials. This is for any library patron.

A non-IUP individual who is eighteen years or older and lives in Indiana, Armstrong, or Jefferson counties and wishes to use the library can purchase a library I-Card for $5 at the Hadley Union Building (HUB).

The HUB is located at 319 Pratt Drive. Hours may vary from one semester to another. You may call (724) 463-1204 for current hours and days.

If you have recently received a new I-Card, please stop at the Circulation Desk to have your new I-Card number entered and your old one expired.

There are two ways to check out library materials:

  1. Go to the Circulation Desk
  • Someone is always available to assist you at the Circulation Desk.
  • A worker will ask for your I-Card, then will check out the book(s) to your account.
  • The worker will then tell you when your book is due back, and place a card inside the back cover as a reminder.

2. Use the Express Check Out

  • The Express Check Out is located in front of the Circulation Desk.
  • It’s easy, and helps you to avoid waiting in line.
  • Touch the screen to begin, and then follow the on-screen directions.
  • A receipt will be printed for you at the end with your due date on it.
  • If you cannot proceed in using your I-Card, you will need to see the person at the Circulation Desk to validate your card so next time you won’t have any problems using the self check out.

Lost I-Card: If your I-Card is lost or stolen, please let us know as soon as possible so we can mark it lost in our system. This will disable the card for any type of use for library services.

Number of Books You can Check Out

  • Community patrons may have a total of 25 books checked out at one time.
  • Undergraduate students may have a total of 50 books checked out at one time.
  • Graduate students and employees: faculty, staff, and administrators may have a total of 100 books checked out at one time.

Renewal of Library Materials

Library materials can be renewed by coming to the Circulation Desk, or you can renew them yourself online.

Renewing Materials Online:

  1. Access your Library Account. (You can also access this from the IUP Libraries home page, under Get Help).
  2. Click on Renew Books.
  3. A new window will open where you will be asked to input your information.
    1. Type in your 16-digit barcode from your I-Card.
    2. Type in your last name.
    3. Hit Enter.
  4. The screen should now show your personal information.
  5. Select the book(s) you wish to renew, and click the box in the renew column.
  6. Next click Renew Items, and the screen will refresh. There should be new due dates next to the books. Please review each item for the new due date. If your item(s) do not receive a new due date, you will need to stop in or call the Circulation Desk.

All renewal requests are to be made online before the due date.

If you wait until the due date or later, you will have to call 724-357-2340 or come to the Circulation desk to have your books renewed. You will not need to bring your books in to have them renewed.

Standards of Patron Behavior

  • While we do our best to make your library experience a good one, sometimes situations arise that cause tension between our desk attendant and the patron. We ask that all parties maintain a calm composure and be civil in their interaction with each other—worker and patron. Foul language and threats of any kind will not be tolerated.

Public Study Carrels

The following rules govern the use of the public study and research carrels in the library. 


  • Public carrels are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis and may not be reserved.
  • Only one person may use an individual public carrel at a time. Groups of two or more studying together should use the group study rooms or open seating on the ground and first floors.
  • This is a quiet floor, so noise must be kept to a minimum.
  • Public carrel doors may not be locked.
  • When the carrel is being used, the carrel light must be on. When finished with the carrel, remove all items, turn out the light, and leave the door open.
  • Carrels are not to be used for storage. Unattended items left in a carrel will be removed.
  • The library is not responsible for theft of personal belongings placed in any carrel.
  • Nothing is to be affixed to carrel walls or windows. The use of nails, tape, tacks, glue, etc. is prohibited.
  • Users are responsible for removing any trash to a receptacle outside the carrel.
  • The use of personal electronic devices (such as computers, e-book readers, video or audio players with headphones, etc.) is allowed. However, the use of personal appliances such as coffee makers, hot water pots, microwaves, etc. or flammable items (e.g., candles) are expressly prohibited.

Please report any problems with carrels to the Circulation Desk, or call (724) 357-2340.

Loan Periods

  •  patron must present a university identification card (I-Card) in order to borrow library books or materials.
  • Undergraduate students and community patrons have a 30-day lending period.
  • Graduate students and employees: faculty, staff, and administrators have a 90-day lending period.

Damaged Library Materials

  • Damaged books are reviewed on an as-needed basis. You may be responsible for rebinding, or replacement and processing costs.

Overdue, Fine, and Fee Notices

Fines are imposed to encourage borrowers to return materials on time in order to make them available to other users.

A fine of $0.35 per day, per item, will be charged for an overdue library book (maximum overdue fine: $100).

Fines and fees for tuition-paying students will be applied to student accounts at the Bursar. There will be a four-business-day delay before the fines and fees will be transferred. Payment can be made either online through IUP-EasyPay; or at the Bursar window in Clark Hall (cash or money order only).

A charge of $15 or more in fines will result in a loss of library privileges for non-tuition-paying patrons. These fines can only be paid at the Stapleton Library Circulation Desk.

Each patron receives:

  • A courtsey notice one week before the book is due.
  • A notice is sent the day after the book is due (patrons have a seven-day grace period before they get charged fines).
  • A 30-day notice is sent if book is overdue 30 days from due date.
  • A 60-day notice is sent if book is overdue 60 days from due date.
  • A 90-day notice is sent when fees are being sent to the accounts office. At this point the patron will pay a $75 replacement fee and a $25 processing fee.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor your account to keep things up to date. This can be done through the Library Online Catalog, under the “Account Information” tab. You can also renew twice online.

Please do not ignore notices!

If you think you returned the book, come to the Circulation Desk to clear it up. 

Private Study Carrel Reservation and Use Policy

Stapleton Library carrels are intended to provide relatively secure, semi-private space for doctoral students, faculty, or administrators actively involved in research requiring the use of Stapleton Library and its resources.

Carrel Assignments

The priority list for assignments is as follows:

  1. IUP doctoral students who have achieved degree candidacy (completed 9-15 doctoral credits) working on dissertations and/or taking classes.
  2. IUP faculty/administrators working on dissertations
  3. IUP faculty/administrators/emeriti faculty actively involved in research requiring the use of Stapleton Library and its resources.

Applications and Assignments

Applications will be accepted online via a link included in an e-mail sent to all doctoral students. Applicants may choose to apply for a full academic year (including summer sessions) or for individual semesters/sessions. A random lottery, drawn from applications on file, will be held during the first week of each semester or at the beginning of summer to make carrel assignments. Applicants not receiving a carrel assignment will be notified via e-mail and must resubmit an application to be considered in the next lottery.

Terms of Assignment

Carrels assigned for the academic year may be used during both semesters plus the summer terms, if needed. In the case of summer term requests, assignments will be made for the entire summer, or a portion thereof, when carrels are available. Applicants receiving a single semester assignment must vacate the carrel by the day after final exams conclude for that semester. All carrel occupants must vacate by the end of the second summer session.

Deposit/Loss of Deposit

A refundable $20 (cash only) key deposit is required before a key is issued. The key must be returned no later than the end of Summer Session II to receive a refund.  If the carrel key is lost, the $20 fee is not refunded, and the occupant must pay an additional deposit of $20 for a new key to be issued.  There will be no refunds for recovered keys after a new key has been issued.

Rules Governing the Use of Private Study Carrels

  1. Carrels are intended for research. They are not second offices or conference rooms, nor do they have mailing addresses.
  2. A $20 (cash only) deposit is required of each person assigned a carrel key. Loss of or failure to return the key will result in loss of the deposit.
  3. Carrels may not be used by others than those assigned to them. There should only be one chair in a carrel at any given time.
  4. All library materials housed in the carrels must be charged out through the Circulation Desk. Inspection will be made periodically, and any uncharged library materials will be removed and reshelved. Noncirculating materials (e.g., reference books or periodicals) may not be stored in carrels.
  5. Library staff will not unlock carrels for users who have forgotten or lost their key.
  6. The library is not responsible for theft of personal belongings placed in any carrel.
  7. Nothing is to be affixed to carrel walls or windows. This includes window curtains of any type.  The use of nails, tape, tacks, glue, etc. is expressly prohibited.
  8. Personal appliances such as coffee makers, hot water pots, microwaves, etc. or flammable items (e.g., candles) are expressly prohibited.
  9. While you are allowed to eat and drink in the library, the keeping of a stash of snacks and other food in the carrels is prohibited as it entices rodents and bugs to inhabit the space with you.
  10. Trash must be taken to a receptacle outside the carrel.
  11. The library reserves the right to allow authorized staff to enter any carrel at any time to inspect for compliance with these rules.
  12. Any abuse of the carrel or library material by a carrel applicant will result in the immediate loss of carrel privileges.
  13. Loss of carrel privileges will result in the loss of your deposit.
  14. Once a carrel assignment has been made, it is final.
  15. Remember that while the carrels have lockable doors, there is no ceiling. Do not leave personal items such as cell phones or laptops unattended. Thefts do occur.