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Direct Links to Selected IUP Databases: Home

Direct Links to Selected Databases

Database Direct Links

Occassionally there are server issues with our Proxy setup at the Shippensburg Hub.  During those times use these direct links that are IP authenticated.  They will only work from a computer on the IUP network or through IUP's VPN set up.  Please contact Joann Janosko with questions or concerns.

Direct Links to Selected IUP Databases

We are having difficulty with our Proxy Server at Shippensburg.  They are aware of the problem and actively searching for a solution.  Until that happens, please use the links below.


Note:  The links below will work only from an on-campus computer  or through the VPN:

I-Search,guest&custid=s3915756&groupid=main&profile=eds (I-Search)

All EBSCOHOST Databases,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=   (All EBSCOHOST databases, choose from list)

Academic Search Complete,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=a9h (Academic Search Complete)

All Proquest Databases  (All Proquest databases – Limit to desired database or choose from list)


All Alexander Street Press Videos  (All video collections Alexander Street Press)


Counseling and Therapy 2 from Alexander Street Press Videos (Counseling and therapy in Video 2 video collection Alexander Street Press)

Films on Demand (All Films On Demand)