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Finals Week in the Library: Home

Quick Meditation to Reduce Stress

Other Mindfulness Meditations

Make your study more productive by clearing your mind of overwhelming thoughts. It might improve your ability to study if you let go of emotions and worries, regain your focus and concentration and recharge. The following are short meditations that might help you face the challenges of finals week.

Study Tips

1. Review notes.

2. Rewrite notes.

3. Review highlighted information.

4. Make review note cards.

5. Make up examples.

6. Meet with a study group and review and quiz one another.

Find it at the Library

IUP Libraries provide students with the resources they need for studying, researching online, and accessing the Internet. You can access/borrow books, journal articles,  videos from the Internet or flims on DVD, netbooks and laptops, cameras, and recorders. You can get help with challenging questions and finding  sources for research projects or figuring out software and editing video. The Library offers a one-stop shop for students academic work but there is more! We also provide spaces for group work and individual study and a place to relax and regroup with your friends in between.  Whether at the beginning or end of the semester, you can find what you need for academic success at the Library.

Relax and Focus at the Library for Finals

You can't avoid feeling stress as the semester draws to a close. So much is riding on the next few days. You will feel better and do better if you can find ways to focus and take a few moments to destress. Here are some tips to do your best this finals season.

1. Don't procrastinate. Come to the Library and start studying today. The Library has extended hours for finals and an atmosphere conducive to serious study.

2. Get advice from the pros. There are many books and journal articles in the Library collections that can help you succeed in improving your study skillls. Stop by the reference desk and ask for help finding them.

3. Read your reserve readings. They are available at the Circulation Desk.

4. Meet with students in your class for a study session in the Library. You can reserve rooms for group meetings.

5. Get a snack. Java City has long hours and campus groups often offer snacks and a drink for free or for a donation.

6.  Watch a funny movie. The Library has hundreds of films for you to choose from and computers where you can watch them. Take a study break and watch a funny movie. You can then go back to your studying recharged.

7. Go to the children's collection on the second floor and browse a children's book and play with Mickey Mouse or the Bear from the Big Blue House.

8. Have a positive attitude. As soon as you finish a final, forget about it. Don't be held back by negative thinking.

9. Find Community! Everyone else is experiencing the same thing you are. Come to the Library and find hundreds of other students studying. Join them!

10. Don't Panic! With hard work and focus, you will do fine!

Study Break Stretches

Studying for hours can be hard on your body. Check these sites for information on some great ways to strech out while studying.

Mindfulness Living Learning Community

Benefits of Mindfulness Practices

  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Improves concentration and attention
  • Promotes greater awareness of body sensations, emotions, thoughts
  • Builds compassion for self and others
  • Fosters meaning and purpose
  • Develops connections
  • Regulates emotions
  • Increases capacity for reflection and insight
  • Boosts tolerance of uncertainty and ambiguity