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Taxation Resources: OmniTax School Library

IUP Library resources related to the study of taxes and taxation at the U.S. Federal and state levels.

OmniTax School Library

OmniTax School Library is a comprehensive database covering federal and state taxes, published by CCH (Formerly Commerce Clearing House).

Access --  To access OmniTax School Library, go to the IUP Library Home Page ( and click on the "Databases" link.  Then select "OmniTax School Library" from the alphabetic list.  Alternatively, you can connect directly using the address  This will open the IntelliConnect software that powers the database.

Logging In -- CCH requires all users of OmniTax School Library to establish an account and log in in order to make the best use of individualized and customized features.  Follow the new account link on the login page to create a new user ID.  Please note that the initial registration should be done from a computer that located on the IUP campus to be sure that IntelliConnect recognizes you as an IUP user.  Once you have established your user ID, you can access IntelliConnect from any computer with an Internet Connection.

Browsing  -- OmniTax School Library allows users to browse the database content using a hierarchical tree structure in the left-hand pane.  Just click on the Plus Signs at the left of each outline item to open the content under it.  Any selected documents will appear in the right-hand pane.

Browsing areas include:

   Tax News, Journals and Newsletters
         Today's Federal and State Tax Highlights
         Federal Tax
         State Tax
         International Tax
         Financial and Estate Planning
   Federal Tax
         Federal Tax Editorial Content
         Federal Tax Primary Sources
            (Current Internal Revenue Code, IRS Administrative Rulings and Publications, and tax cases are included here)
         Federal Tax Legislation
         Federal Tax Archives
         Federal Tax Practice Tools
   State Tax
         State Tax Reporters
         Multistate Business Income Tax Research and Compliance Manager
         Multistate Sales Tax Research and Compliance Manager
         Multistate Property Tax Research and Compliance Manager
         State Tax Guide
         Multistate Taxation
         Practice Aids
         State Tax Archives
         State Tax Topical Indexes
   International Tax
         Tax Treaties
   Accounting and Auditing
         Accounting Research Manager
   Financial and Estate Planning
         Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reporter
         Financial and Estate Planning Practice Tools
         Financial and Estate Planning Topical Indexes
   Tools and Smart Charts
Users can create a list of favorite content by selecting the diamond at the left of an item in the browse tree.  This will save time when logging in to the system in the future.

Searching -- Users may search all the database content or selected content, if favorite content areas are selected in the browse tree.  After the search has been completed, the system will give multiple options to narrow or refine the results.


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