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Come to this page to see new database trials offered by the library

APA Style Central

APA Style Central  This trial is IP authenticated:  available Only On Campus or through the VPN

Here is the link to the APA Style Central trial

  Here are a few simple orienting tasks for trial users:

  Note:  These five tasks do not require a login.

  1. Learning Center: View the Quick Guide “Blog Post Reference” and follow the “Learn More” links to view the excerpt from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association® (6th ed.) and other related links
  2.  Learning Center: Browse sample references, tables, and figures
  3.  Research Center: Browse the reference books
  4.  Writing Center: Start a new paper and browse the paper templates
  5.  Publishing Center: Search the journals to find one that publishes articles of interest


Users will need to log in to explore the majority of key functionality and the wide range of features in APA Style CENTRAL.


User Accounts

Individual user accounts are not needed to access the Learning Center (tutorials, self-quizzes, and samples), the Publishing Center, or certain parts of the Research Center (dictionaries and reference books), but they are required to create and save references and papers.

If you already have one of the following four accounts, you can use it to log in to APA Style CENTRAL and do NOT need to create a new account:

MyAPA account (because you are an APA member or have previously created one)

My PsycNET account (because you use an APA database through APA PsycNET)

Google account

MyAthens account

If you are not sure whether or not you have a My APA or My PsycNET account, click on "No account? Create one here," and enter the email address you would have used to create it in the Sign Up form. If the email address is already in use, the system will alert you.

If you have difficulty creating an account, please contact

NOTE: Any individual user trial accounts (and references and documents saved in them) will be retained when your institution licenses APA Style CENTRAL.


Once your trial users are logged in, here are a few more suggested tasks to get them started:

  •  Research Center: Add a reference
  •  Writing Center: Walk through the "Develop My Research Idea" or "Describe My Tests and Measures" tools (Note: Users must create a new paper to access these tools, though only a title is required to do so.)
  •  Writing Center: Start writing a paper – try formatting a title page including creating running heads, adding references to the paper, and citing those references in the text.

As you and your colleagues around campus explore the tools and features of APA Style CENTRAL, we encourage you to consider how they could be used in classes and consultations.

For More detailed information about APA Style Central please view this research guide :

APA Style Central Trial


Please send me any questions or comments about APA Style Central! 

Joann Janosko

This trial will run until the end of November 23, 2016


Future trial place holder

R On-Campus Only or VPN


Email me, Joann Janosko with your comments, questions or evaluation of the trial.

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Joann Janosko
Collection Development/E-Resources Librarian

Stapleton G-12