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Come to this page to see new database trials offered by the library

Access Education Week Site LicenceTrial Here

Education Week Site License Trial - On Campus only or VPN!

URL:`                Trial in effect until May 1.   Note:  Trial is still active but may be shut down at any time!  Continue to use it until the publisher takes it away!

Great News Indiana University of Pennsylvania! You now have an Education Week Site License to, providing you 24/7 access to our content!

With your premium trial access, you have instant access to the content on, including:

·         Campus wide access to for all the students, faculty, and administrators.

·         Content from 37 print editions published yearly is posted on our Web site as the newspaper is being mailed. In between issues, the Web site is updated daily with the latest news, research, and commentary from the K-12 world.

·         All content becomes part of a searchable archive going back to 1981 of previously published content. The older content as well as the Web-only updates are exclusive to and can't be found in any other databases.

·         The Teacher channel providing a lively forum for news, information, and opinion for practitioners. You’ll also find practical teaching tips as well as professional development advice.

·       Special, in-depth reports on Curriculum and Instruction , Classroom Management , Diversity , Assessment, Accountability, Achievement , Inside Classroom Management- Ideas & Solutions , Common Standards , Discipline , E-Learning , Early Childhood , School Climate, Health and Student Life , Special Education , Politics and Policy and much more.

·         Digital Directions which keeps you current on how technology is impacting classroom learning and school management.

·         The Research Center which conducts annual policy surveys, collects data, and performs annual analysis. The Center also manages a database of state policy indicators.

·         Exclusive online-only content, including 50 blogs on vitally important K-12 topics.

·         Multimedia tools, including videos infographics and photo galleries.


Please send your comments about this trial to Joann Janosko or Kelly Heider




Access Browzine from your Tablet or Phone and now, your PC or MAC via the web!

BrowZine Trial.

NEW  Web access to BrowZine!  Use the APP below to access via your phone or tablet OR follow this link to to access BrowZine via the web on a PC or MAC:

Have you ever wanted to browse through the Scholarly e-Journal Collection of IUP Libraries?  BrowZine lets you do just that.  Experience this new way of accessing and browsing the e-journal collections by downloading the BrowZine App for free from both the  Apple App Store (for the iPad and the iPhone) and the Android version from Google Play or Kindle/Amazon Stores for supported devices (Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and the Kindle fire HD).

Please follow these steps to access the trial:

1. Download the BrowZine App from the App Store for Apple devices or from Google Play  for Android devices (see supported devices above) and install it on your phone or tablet.

2. When you open BrowZine for the first time, you will see a list of schools — please select Indiana University of Pennsylvania; then, enter your Single Sign On (network username and password).

3. Select the subject areas and start browsing!

4. Email me, Joann Janosko with your comments, questions or evaluation of the trial.
This trial will run until the end of September, 2015



Subject Guide

Joann Janosko
Collection Development/E-Resources Librarian

Stapleton G-12