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Library Help for Students: Register for an Information Literacy Webinar

1) Register to attend any of the scheduled webinars by using the registration links provided below.
2) After you register, you'll be emailed a link to join the webinar
3) Click the link at the scheduled time for the webinar to launch zoom
4) Enter your name to join the webinar
5) After the webinar, you'll be emailed an attendance verification that you can give to your professor if requested


If you have any trouble registering or joining a meeting, contact Maria Barefoot (

Fall 2020 Webinar Dates

How does Google actually work?

This session covers the concept of natural language searching, location tracking, the filter bubble and how Google uses these tools when providing your search results.
Zoom Webinar Dates:
Thursday August 27 - 6:00 PM - Register Here
Thursday October 15 - 6:00 PM - Register Here


Boolean Operator Basics

Learn how to use Boolean Operators AND, OR, and NOT to construct complex search statements. We'll also discuss why this strategy is more effective than natural language searching in academic databases like EbscoHost and ProQuest.
Zoom Webinar Dates:
Thursday September 3 - 6:00 PM - Register Here
Thursday October 22 - 6:00 PM - Register Here


Research Question Development (Recommended for ENGL 100 and 101)

This session focuses on the process of developing a research question.  Students will specifically work to identify background questions and foreground questions and use the sources that are best suited to each type of research question such as encyclopedias and article databases.
Zoom Webinar Dates:
Thursday September 10 - 6:00 PM - Register Here
Thursday October 29 - 6:00 PM - Register Here


Why can't I cite it like a website?

This session helps students identify different types of information in online environments and match those with the formatting options provided in APA and MLA style.  We also discuss the concept of container collapse and why this makes it difficult to cite correctly.
Zoom Webinar Dates:
Thursday September 17 - 6:00 PM - Register Here
Thursday November 5 - 6:00 PM - Register Here


Search Strategies

This session covers 4 basic types of search strategies and which type is most helpful for different types of research assignments such as debates, argumentative and position assignments, literature reviews and summaries, and theory-based assignments.
Zoom Webinar Dates:
Thursday September 24 - 6:00 PM - Register Here
Thursday November 12 - 6:00 PM - Register Here


Fake News

This session covers a brief history of fake news, some of the reasons that it spreads quickly, and techniques to combat fake news.

Managing and Synthesizing Information

This session covers organization strategies for keeping track of research in MyEbscohost, MyProquest, and OneDrive as well as using Excel for synthesizing information without summarizing each source.
Zoom Webinar Dates:
Thursday October 8 - 6:00 PM - Register Here
Thursday December 3 - 6:00 PM - Register Here