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Library Instruction Services for Faculty: D2L or Moodle Embedded Instruction

A librarian can now be added as a member of a course in D2L or Moodle.  Once added to the course, the librarian can provided customized instruction and point-of-need assistance to your students.

What kinds of courses benefit from an embedded librarian?

In general, courses where students (1) use the library collection or library research databases, (2) need assistance with information literacy concepts like topic development, peer review, search techniques, evaluation, and academic integrity or (3) need to find data or data sets are good candidates for embedding a librarian.

Specific types of courses include:

  • writing intensive courses or courses that have research papers
  • required English courses where students have research paper assignments
  • capstone courses that include a major research project
  • research methodology courses
  • graduate courses that include a literature review
  • research-oriented graduate courses

‚ÄčBoth face-to-face and online courses can benefit from an embedded librarian.  The embedded service is a great option as a replacement of or supplement to an in-person librarian instruction session.

What will the embedded librarian do?

Once added to the course, the librarian can instruct and assist your students by

  • Embedding or linking to instructional resources like guides, handouts, videos, or tutorials,
  • Creating a discussion board where students can post questions regarding library research,
  • Posting announcements introducing themselves to the students and explaining how to get help,
  • Offering live research consultations for groups or individuals through web conferencing, and
  • Creating specific, on-demand videos or handouts that answer questions/issues students are having in class.

To request a librarian be added to your D2L or Moodle course,

  • Start by filling out the Instruction Request Form. Choose the Asynchronous Instruction via D2L option.
  • A librarian will contact you to discuss and collaborate on the services needed, including the length of the embedded service.  It can be anywhere from a few days or a week, up to the entire semester.
  • Submit an I-Help ticket requesting that the librarian be added to your course.
  • Once added to the course, the librarian will have access to the entire course, EXCEPT the gradebook, and can begin providing resources and instruction.