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Library Instruction Services for Faculty: Session Topics


Advanced Search Concepts (Recommended for upper level research courses) 

Advanced searching introduces students to subject specific concepts and databases.  This can vary between fields but often includes subject heading searching and identifying types of academic journal articles such as original research articles.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and use discipline-specific terminology in a search
  • Execute search functions of discipline-specific databases


Basic Search Concepts (Recommended for ENGL 101 and 202) 

This session focuses on the difference between natural language (Google) and keyword (Library databases) search strategies.  This hands on session works best when they students have a research topic to search with.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate the difference between Google and library search engines
  • Identify appropriate keywords and related terms
  • Identify the 3 major library database providers
  • Execute the basic search functions of at least one of the 3 major databases


Information Evaluation (Recommended for ENGL 100 and 101)

Information evaluation focuses on identifying types of information using the Information pyramid and evaluating information  using the CRAP method.  This hands-on session introduces students to the IUP Discovery search and asks them to identify and evaluate a piece of information related to their research topic.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify information types using the Information Pyramid
  • Evaluate information using the CRAP method
  • Execute the basic search functions of the Discovery Search


Research Question Development (Recommended for ENGL 100 and 101)

This session focuses on the process of developing a research question.  Students will specifically work to identify background questions and foreground questions and use the sources that are best suited to each type of research question such as encyclopedias and article databases.

 Session Learning Outcomes:

  • Generate background and foreground research questions
  • Understand the iterative nature of research
  • Use print and electronic reference sources such as encyclopedias for background research
  • Use the IUP Library Discovery search for foreground questions


Schedule Instruction

All of the session topics can be customized to work with your syllabus and assignments.  Contact the Information Literacy Librarian or use the Request Instruction form to set up a session.

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