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BCOM 321: Business and Interpersonal Communication


This guide serves as a supplement to the library instruction session I'll be giving in your class and provides information that will help you use the library tools to successfully complete your assignments. Use the links on the left side of the page to navigate through the guide.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • identify a variety of sources found in library databases and select the type appropriate for your assignment
  • list appropriate keywords for your topic and recognize additional keywords found while searching
  • utilize the library tools to design effective search strategies and find appropriate resources
  • implement strategies for managing information sources

If you have questions or need help at any time, email me at or visit the Ask A Librarian page.


Assignment: Conduct Secondary Research for Analytical Short Report Project

Conduct Secondary Research (excerpt from full assignment sheet)

Based on your textbook chapter and subtopic choice (or assignment per above), and after your instructor has approved your chapter & subtopic choice (notified via D2L email), you should start by conducting secondary research related to the textbook chapter and subtopic. You will use the research findings to discuss the chapter subtopic (quoting material from the textbook and your research) in the body of the report. You must summarize and quote the textbook material in at least one section of the report, and list the textbook on the Bibliography page (APA style).

Secondary research must consist of a summary and analysis of at least one (1) peer-reviewed academic journal article (article must be five (5) or more pages in length), from an IUP library source (EBSCO host databases, Gale, Sage Premier, etc.3). The peer-reviewed article should not be a book review.

The remaining three (3) source summaries and analyses may consist of additional peer-reviewed journal articles, trade journal articles, government reports, credible online journal articles4, books/ebooks5 ([EBSCO host databases, EBSCO Host e-books, ProQuest, Gale, Sage, etc.], or you may optionally conduct primary research in the form of an interview with a professor or business professional (you must submit an interview transcript as Appendix B with your report; an interview template is available on D2L - Content). Cited quotes from the interview will replace one of the three required non-peer-reviewed, non-textbook sources (more below). Cite the interview in the body of the report (see APA style – personal communication).

All sources must be dated 2015 to present. A list of recommended IUP library peer-reviewed journals is available on D2L Content to assist with your research, along with a narrated “How to” video on the IUP library database search for peer-reviewed articles.


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