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Self-Care for Stressful Times

This guide will direct students to resources to reduce stress and promote welll-being during stressful times.

Quick Coping Ideas

Self-care Tips

  • Remember social distancing is only about physical distancing.

  • Connect with supports

  • Call, video, chat, engage on social media

  • Leave no love unsaid

Taking Care of Ourselves

  • Control What You Can

  • Establish routines

  • Meal and Sleep schedules

  • Seek out positive experiences

  • Discover new, meaningful hobbies

  • Exercise

  • Practice Gratitude

  • Avoid avoidance of feelings!

Anticipatory Grief Coping

  • Strike a Balance

  • Anticipatory grief helps us prepare for loss, BUT . . .

  • “We don’t want to attend anyone’s funeral early” – David Kessler

  • Focus on the Present

  • Regretting the past and fearing the future makes us feel helpless

  • Attend to the present moment, and make the best of it

  • Build Tolerance for Uncertainty

  • We cannot predict the future


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Quick Meditation to Reduce Stress