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Resources to Support Academic Writing and Publication: Measuring Impact

Web of Science

Web of Science contains the three historical leaders in citation indexing:Science Citation IndexSocial Sciences Citation Index, and Arts and Humanities Citation Index. You can search all three index together or separately from the Web of Science interface.

The search features of Web of Science are very robust as are the sorting and filtering options of search results.

To locate papers by a particular author use the Author Finder.

Once you locate a citation of interest, you can export it to a bibliographic manager such as RefWorks, view all indexed articles which cite the original, as well as create reports and maps which visualize citations over time.



Set up a SelectedWorks profile page to list your scholarly products. SelectedWorks is similar to ResearchGate or except it has IUP branding and is a non-commercial service offered by the IUP. 


Readership Map in Author Dashboard

SelectedWorks provides enhanced readership statistics. Explore the reporting tools under your Author Dashboard. For more information, download the full SelectedWorks Guide for Authors.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one way to track citations.  The searching capabilities of Google Scholar are not as precise as proprietary databases. If you're looking for a particular author, you may need to try a variety of searches. 


  • daniel b klein
  • db klein
  • author:"d klein"
  • author:"db klein"

To locate the advanced search, click next to the search button.

To determine which items index by Google Scholar have cited an article, click on Cited by X.

For individual faculty members, we recommend creating and personalizing your own profile. You can make a profile and associate your publications allowing you to make graphs and compute metrics of your impact.

Sample Google Scholar Profile