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Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting Resources, 2016-2017: Faculty Matters: Students on the Autism Spectrum and Accomodations

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Books available in IUP LiIbraries Collection

College Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Articles available through IUP Libraries

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Reflective Practice Project

Reflective Practice A Cross Campus Effort to Promote More Effective Teaching

The Center for Teaching Excellence’s Reflective Practice Project was begun in 1993 to support an exploratory and reflective approach to teaching and learning. Reflective Practice work includes:

  • Monthly large group meetings or mini-workshops and discussions to explore teaching strategies and other topics relating to the teaching process most often offered by IUP professors
  • Teaching circles or peer learning communities formed around a common discipline or a common theme.  
  • Saturday workshops presented by experts on specific areas of teaching and learning, publication, student advising, and other important aspects of academic life.
  • A yearly event to reflect upon yearly accomplishments and recognize active participants 

Links to Past Large Group Meeting Topics and Resources.

The Reflective Practice Project: An Executive Summary 2011-2012 

The Reflective Practice Project: Frequently Asked Questions