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Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting Resources, 2016-2017: Dual Enrollment Undergrad/Graduate Classes

Door Prize Books

Leamnson, R. N. (1999). Thinking about teaching and learning: Developing habits of learning with first year college and university students. Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Robison, S. (2011). The Peak Performing Professor at Mid-Career and Beyond: Productive Work–Happy Life.


Archived Conferences

Transforming the Teaching and Learning Environment: Virtual Conference 2017.
Archived webinars: 

Universal Design for Learning: How to Improve Satisfaction and Retention for Students at All Learning Levels

SoTL Articles available through IUP Libraries


Faculty Panel

Lara Homer Messy (Anthropology); John Chrispell (Mathematics); Linda Jennings (Music) share effective strategies for teaching classes with both graduate and undergraduate students.

Teaching Practice Newsletters and Tutorials for Faculty Development