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Finding Government Information with Your Depository Library

This guide provides links to federal and Pennsylvania state government information sites.

Guide to Map Collection in IUP Stapleton Library

All sheet maps are filed in flat map drawers with a number assigned to each drawer. Click on the categories below to to see a list of maps available under that catagory.

World Maps. Political and physical maps of the world in various scales.    Drawers 1

Continental and Regional Maps. Drawers 2-8.

Countries. Drawers 9-20

U.S.A. Maps. Various types of maps for states, cities, and towns of the United States. Drawers 21-24.

Geologic Atlases of the U.S. Bound volumes of atlases of selected areas of the United States. Drawers 34-39.

Land Use and Land Cover, U.S.  Topographical maps of selected states. Drawers 46-50.

Quadrangles - United States. Topographical maps of selected states and and U.S. territories. Drawer 51-58.

Indian Lands. Drawer 61.

Physiographic & Landform: Plastic relief maps - U.S transportation. 62-63.

Quadrangles - Pennsylvania. 7.5 series of county/city/town topographical maps of Pennsylvania. Drawers 66-80.

Orthographic and Photographic. Drawer 86.

Ecological and Climate Maps.  Drawers 87-88.

Continents and Regions