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Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting Resources, 2017-2018


A thriving student is "fully engaged intellectually, socially, and emotionally in the college experience" (Schreiner, 2010).

Book Winners

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Book in the IUP Libraries

LGM Presentation on Student Thriving

Research Articles

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Five Factors of Thriving

Engaged Learning - a measure of the degree to which students are meaningfully processing what happens in class, energized by what they are learning, and continuing to think about it outside of class.

Academic Determination - a measure of students' goal-directedness, investment of effort, and regulation of their own learning and use of time.

Positive Perspective - a measure of students' optimism, and explanatory style

Social Connectedness - a measure of students' involvement in healthy relationships and social support networks, whether on or off campus.

Diverse Citizenship - a measure of students' desire to make a difference in the community around them, as well as their openness to differences in others.