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Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting Resources, 2017-2018

Door Prize Book Winners

Abel G. Okagbare. (2017). Staying the Course: Cultivating Students to Persist to
Degree Completion in the Age of College Attrition: A Practical Guide for Student Retention for ...
Faculty, Parents, and Students. 
 Torho Educational Services.  

Pegeen Reichert Powell. (2014). Retention and Resistance: Writing Instruction and Students Who Leave.  Utah State University Press.

Books available through IUP Libraries

Best Practices in Student Retention. New York : Primary Research Group, 2011. (e-book)

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 Martín, Mario Daniel, et al. The Doubter's Dilemma : Exploring Student Retention and Attrition in Language & Culture Programs. Acton, Australia : Australian National University Press, 2016. (e-book).

Journal Articles available through IUP Libraries

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