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RSS Feeds: Background Information on RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed, also known as a news feed, is a syndicated news feed in an XML format to which you can subscribe. All EBSCO databases and interfaces support RSS feeds for search alerts and journal alerts. RSS-enabled alerts allow librarians and users to feed results from EBSCO search alerts and journal alerts into their RSS readers and aggregators, as well as their web sites.

What is a news feed reader?

A news feed reader, also known as a news aggregator, is software that lets you subscribe to RSS feeds.

Where can I get an RSS feed reader?

Get started with an RSS feed by downloading an RSS reader (also called an aggregator). Several free and commercial readers, extensions and apps are available online. Download one of these to your computer or mobile device.

Why should I use a news feed reader?

Using an RSS feed reader allows you to be alerted when new articles on the topics you're interested in are available. Many feed readers will pop up a new window when new results become available. When you are alerted of new EBSCO Search or Journal Alert results, you can click on a link that will take you directly to them.

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