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Open Educational Resources: How do I make my own OERs available to others?

What are Open Educational Resources (OERs), and why do they matter? This LibGuide will answer these questions, describe Creative Commons licensing, direct users to OERs, discuss best practices for developing OERs, and show Indiana University of PA faculty

Digital Repositories

"Digital Repositories offer a convenient infrastructure through which to store, manage, re-use and curate digital materials. They are used by a variety of communities, may carry out many different functions, and can take many forms. Digital repositories are also commonly referred to as institutional repositories or digital archives" (Semple, 2006, para. 1).

IUP Libraries' Selected Works

With SelectedWorks faculty profiles, the IUP Libraries collaborates with authors to create compelling online scholarly identities, share scholarship, and measure impact.

IUP Libraries' Knowledge Repository

IUP LIbraries' digital repository is called the Knowledge Repository.

For More Information on the Knowledge Repository and Selected Works