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Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting Resources 2021-2022

All IUP students will enter their careers needing knowledge and skills to interact with a range of diverse people as colleagues, clients, customers, etc. What kinds of program and course changes can you make that will ensure your students leave IUP with t

Featured Book

Chugh, D. (2018). The person you mean to be: How good people fight bias. New York, US-NY: HarperBusiness.

Interviews with the author:


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Journal Articles

O’Donnell, Alina. (2019). Windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors: The enduring impact of Rudine Sims Bishop’s work. Literacy Today (2411-7862), 36(6), 16–19.

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Teaching Resources

Potter, C. (2019, January 25). Windows and mirrors and sliding glass doors: Ensuring students see 
themselves and others in literature.
Institute for Humane Education.

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