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Open Education Week. 2022. Events

This guide includes links to free Open Education Week educational programs.

Open Education Week 2022

Tuesday, March 8, 2011. 11am to noon.  Affordable Learning PA Open Education Week Roundtable. Description:  At this session, participants from around the state will be joining discussion groups on topics such as “Open Pedagogy and Renewable Assignments,” “Simplifying Designing OER,” or sharing “Roadblocks and Solutions” in their “OER Journey, ” More on this event,   Registration Link. 

Monday, March 14, 2022. 1:00 PM Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) Presenters/Hosts: Ethan Pullman (CMU) and Lorraine Gess (CCAC). Description:. This webinar is designed to spark the attendees’ interest in open educational resources (OERs).  Attendees will learn about OERs and what it means to engage with them for teaching and learning. Learners will test their understanding by exploring the resources and tools, reflecting on how they might use OERs in their contexts, and considering factors such as licensing and accessibility. 
Open Educational Resources are a great way to ensure accessibility and incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into the classroom.  DEI in the classroom has been shown to increase student outcomes.  Faculty who are interested can learn some basics on including DEI in their class content. Registration Link 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022. 1:00 PM. Teaching with Open Educational Resources.  Moderator: Marnie Hampton (Pitt). Description: Want to learn how instructors use OER in their teaching? Join this faculty panel to hear instructors talk about their experiences creating and adopting OER in their teaching. Faculty from three institutions will reflect on their OER journey and share their tips for new OER users. Registration link

Wednesday, March 16, 2022. 1:00 PM  Creative Commons and Open Pedagogy. Presenters/Hosts: Bryan McGeary (Penn State) and Melody Diehl Detar (Duquesne) Description: This webinar is an opportunity to learn more about open licensing and how you can leverage it to innovate your teaching practices. We’ll cover some of the basics of Creative Commons licenses before looking at examples of what open pedagogy can look like and exploring key considerations for planning and executing your own open pedagogy project.  
Registration Link 

Thursday, March 17, 2022. 1:00 PM.  OER Authoring and Publishing Platforms. Presenter/Host: Jean Shumway (BC3) and Marnie Hampton (Pitt). Description: You’re interested in creating or adapting an OER. What are the different formats available? What are the different options for authoring and publishing? This webinar is an opportunity for attendees’ to explore different open publishing platforms for adapting and creating open educational resources (OERs).
Webinar attendees will also be treated to a tour of Manifold, a scalable, open source platform for scholarly publishing. This is a timely introduction to Manifold because the Open Education Network (OEN) is currently forming a Manifold Pilot Group who will have access to the Manifold platform for experimentation and publishing. Your Manifold tour guide will be Terence Smyre, Manifold Digital Projects Editor. Registration link