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HOSP 335: Legal Issues in Hospitality Management (Wang)


Recent articles published in industry news outlets or trade publications are great sources of information on what's currently happening in your field or in a certain industry. This makes them a great place to go to come up with ideas on cases you might want to research.

These sources are also great places to discover keywords that you can use to search. The professionals in the field may discuss topics using unfamiliar vocabulary or jargon unique to the field. It's important to use this vocabulary when searching.

Explore the information below to find news and trade articles using web and library resources and start creating lists of vocabulary you will use to search.

Web Resources for News

Library Resources for Trade Publications

Brainstorming Keywords

Brainstorming keywords will help you run great searches and can also help you narrow or expand your topic. Here are some strategies:

  • Pick a sector in the hospitality industry and think about the similar terms
    • Lodging (hotel, motel, inn, vacation rentals, resorts, etc.)
    • Food service (restaurants, cafe, catering, fine dining, casual dining, bars, etc.)
    • Travel and tourism (airlines, cruise, buses, parks, theme parks, etc.)
    • Clubs, sporting and recreational camps, community centers, etc.
    • Meetings, banquets, conventions, events, etc.
  • Pick an area in the hospitality operation, such as contracts, negligence, employment, security, etc.
  • Or, pick a name of a party (such as a hotel name)

Combine the search terms:

  • To connect similar terms for the same concept, use the Boolean Operator OR
    • (hotel or motel or inn), (restaurant or bars or club)
  • To connect different concepts, use AND
    • hotels AND security
  • To search words as a phrase, use parantheses
    • "food allergies"