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Crime and Vice in America:Guide to Library Research: Home

Choosing a topic

Choosing a workable topic that interests you is central to your success in writing a quality research paper. The following sources may help you to gather the background information that you need to choose a focused and workable topic.


  • Encyclopedia of Crime. (2009).
  • Kelly, R. (2000). Encyclopedia of organized crime in the United States : From Capone's Chicago to the new urban underworld. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press. Ref HV6446, K43 2000
  • Levinson, D. (2002). Encyclopedia of crime and punishment. Thousand Oaks, Calif. ; London: SAGE.Mafia Encyclopedia [REF] HV6441 .S53 2005


Historical Newspaper Articles and other Primary Sources

Historians rely upond primary sources to do historical research. Historical newspaper sources often offer valuable primary source information on the news of the day. Every day more and more historical newspaper source material becomes available on the Internet, either through IUP Library databases or freely accessible digital projects. Historical newspaper databases offered by IUP Libraries include the Historical New York Times, Pittsburgh Courier, and the Wall Street Journal, and Access Newspaper.  The Google Newspaper Archive site also offers full-text access to many other historical newspapers.

Library Databases for Secondary Sources

Accessing Library Databases from Off-Campus

Remote Access Through KLN PASS

IUP Libraries subscribe  to our databases from vendors who require us to limit access to IUP users only. If you attempt to access databases from on-campus, they recognize your connection with the University. If you try to access databases from home,you will probably be directed to a login screen (unless you have the VPN set up)

To log into databases, you can use your single-sign on information, the same way you log into MyIUP or D2L. 

Government Information / Outreach Librarian

Finding Primary Sources Keywords

Audio recordings
Film (sometimes)
Documents (sometimes)
Newspaper (sometimes)


Understanding Primary Sources