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What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?

"The scholarship of teaching and learning involves systematic study of teaching and/or learning and the public sharing and review of such work through presentations, performances, or publications. Presentations, performances, and publications may be local, regional, national or international.  SoTL, then, shares established criteria of scholarship in general, such as that it is made public, can be reviewed critically by members of the appropriate community, and can be built upon by others to advance the field.   SoTL focuses on teaching and learning at the college level, and is primarily classroom and disciplinary based. Ideally, SoTL also involves application and use." from "What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning"

Get Help from a Real Live Person

Theresa McDevitt (,724-357-4892) is currently the Co-Drector for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Resources. If you are working on a research project in this area, feel free to contact her for assistance in finding research resources or places to publish.

IUP Libraries also has librarians that specialize in assisting students and faculty for each of its colleges. See list of library bibliographers below.

More Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Resources

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