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PSYC 310: Developmental Psychology

ILLIAD - For Articles


ILLIAD is IUP's interlibrary loan system for requesting journal articles* from other libraries around the world. When you find an article that IUP does not own - either in print, or electronically - ILLIAD is the tool you use to obtain a copy of that article.

Creating Your ILLIAD Profile

If you haven't used ILLIAD before, click the First Time Users link to set up your profile. You will be asked to provide some personal information, such as your mailing address, so that printed copies of articles or books you request can be mailed to you, if necessary.

Making a Request

When you need to request an article from ILLIAD, first make sure to copy down all of the citation details for the article (article title, journal title, authors, date, page numbers, and so forth). Then, log in to ILLIAD and click the Photocopy link in the menu on the left-hand side, under New Request. Enter the details about the article, and any special notes you may have, and click "Submit."

The information you entered will be sent to our Interlibrary Loan department, which will locate the article at another institution and request that a copy be sent to you. Usually, the other institution will scan the article and convert it to a PDF document, which will be emailed directly to you, typically within 3-4 days. However, we advise allowing up to two weeks to obtain an article, since publishers establish different rules about how articles can be shared among institutions.

Access ILLIAD Here


* ILLIAD can be used to request books and videos from other institutions. However, if you are searching for a book that IUP does not have, we ask that you first check our PALCI Interlibrary Loan system before using ILLIAD.

PALCI - For Books


PALCI EZ-Borrow (usually just called "PALCI", pronounced pal-see) is IUP's main Interlibrary Loan system for requesting books from other libraries within Pennsylvania. PALCI lets you check out books from academic libraries across the state, right from your computer.

Signing In to PALCI

When you visit the PALCI page, you will be asked to provide your "Patron ID" to log in. This ID is the 16-digit number on your I-Card. Once you enter that number, you'll be taken to a page where you can either select Searching/Requesting, or Review your Requests. To begin looking for a book at another library, select Searching/Requesting.

Searching and Requesting Books

You can search for books by title, author, ISBN, or subject. Once you submit a search, the catalogs of other academic libraries within the consortium will be searched, and if any of those libraries have the book available, you'll be presented a list of books to request. Click the blue square button next to the book you would like to borrow, and you'll be asked to confirm some information, and then you can submit your request.

Books are sent via UPS to the library you selected in the confirmation screen (generally, this will be "IUP Main Library"), and you will receive an e-mail when the book arrives.

The lending library decides how long you are permitted to borrow the book, and this will be clearly indicated.

Access PALCI Here