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ENGL202: English Composition II


Now that you understand the different types of sources you're looking for, it's time to use the library databases to find sources for your research.

The library databases that will work great for this assignment are the Discovery Search and the EBSCO databases.  The materials below will show you how to access these resources and how to use the features within these tools to make searching more efficient.  When you're ready to start searching, the links in the Links You'll Need box will take you to these tools.

Discovery Search Results

When searching the databases be sure to use a search statement with Boolean Operators like AND and OR.  Never type in a complete sentence, and avoid using natural language words like in, the, of, where, about, etc.

Watch the IUP Libraries YouTube video on Using the Discovery Search.

** small edit: the image below uses an older screenshot when we called the service "Everything".  The Everything search is now called Discovery.

EBSCO Databases

Watch the IUP Libraries YouTube video on Searching EBSCO databases.