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History 365 Guide to Library Resources: Home

Guide to IUP Libraries

Fall 2015 Class Outline

Steps to Successful Research Projects

  • Begin searching (re(searching) for background
  • Actually READ some authoritative sources
    • books
    • journal articles
    • authoritative web sites
  • Get a list of keywords to search under using names, times, locations, events
  • Search newspaper databases and search engines

IUP Databases for Contemporary Newpaper Articles

  • Digital Microfilm (Includes New York Times (2008-present),
    Wall Street Journal(2008-present), and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2009-present),
    for the last few years

  • Newspaper Source 
    articles from 143 US and international newspapers. This database is updated daily

  • Newsstand
    full text of over 1300 newspapers, news websites and blogs from leading publishers throughout the world.

IUP Libraries Databases for Journal Articles on Historical Topics

IUP Library Databases for Historic Newspaper Content

Tips for Doing Searches in Old Newspapers

Advice from Helpful Tips for Researching in Chronicling America helpfultipsforresearchingchroniclingamerica/

Search newspaper pages to retrieve article level information on:

  • particular people, proper names, family names, and businesses

  • particular cities, towns, and communities

  • specific historical events and general news of the time

  • illustrations, advertisements, cartoons, and photos

  • and a vast array of topics like social issues, war, crime, technology and progress, education, labor, fashion, material culture, community history, etc.

When selecting search terms remember to:

  • use historically used terms rather than the modern terms used today, such as the Great War instead of World War One as it is called today

  • try variations on spelling

  • enter words in order they are most likely to occur

Government Information / Outreach Librarian

Freely Available Sources of Newspaper Content