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Chemistry Information Sources

Recommended Databases

Most of the information you'll use when you conduct library research in the field of chemistry will come from peer-reviewed journal articles written by chemistry researchers and professionals. You may find articles from university researchers, professional organizations, and corporate authors.

Chemistry research often leads to patents, especially research done within a corporate setting. If you need to do patent research, you'll want to explore the SciFinder-n platform. Access to that requires registration, so please email for details!


Peer Review

"Peer reviewed" articles have been submitted to a scholarly journal by a researcher and reviewed by multiple other experts in the field–the authors' peers–to make sure they are acceptable for publication.


The links below go to some of the most commonly used chemistry databases at the IUP Libraries. However, it does not list all of the databases available. View our complete database list.

Key Databases for Chemistry

American Chemical Society

Biochemistry and Biomedicine Databases

Multidisciplinary Science Databases