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Copyright Information for Professors and Students

Copyright FAQ

May I post a PDF article or book chapter from the IUP Libraries online in my D2L course?
Not without permission. If it's available electronically via the library, the library has already paid copyright permissions as part of the licensing of that resource. The license does not give permission to upload the item to D2L, but you are free to give students a link to the article so they can find it themselves.

May I post a link to an article or book chapter from IUP Libraries online in my D2L course?
Yes. This is the preferred option for directing students to electronic content and does not require seeking permission. Be sure that you create a stable link to the article so that students can access from off campus.

May I scan book chapters or articles and place online in D2L?
It depends. Digitizing can be viewed as an attempt to circumvent purchasing the work. If the amount of the work scanned is small (say, one chapter from a book), a case can be made that this falls under "fair use".

May I make a DVD available as a streaming movie for my class online in D2L?
Not without permission. IUP Libraries subscribes to several streaming movie services, and you may be able to find the movie or an alternative that works for your class that way.

May I show a movie to a group on campus?
There are streaming videos that have public performance rights (PPR) available.
Everything in Films on Demand is available for events.
Everything in Academic Video Online is available with the following production companies as exceptions:
Ro*Co Films
Autlook Filmsales
First Hand Films