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House and Building History Research: Mrs. C.B.M. White Building

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In finding information about this building, there were certain steps that one should consider in order to research a building.

  1. Choose Building
    1. Evaluate site and structure
    2. Examine landscape and perimeter of area
    3. Choose based on personal and local interests
  2. Finding local sources
    1. Court House
      1. Deeds Office
        1. Trace historical records back by starting with latest landowner. The latest landowner can be found by searching the address in the online system. Then find the book corresponding to the latest owner. Near the end of the document, the previous owner can be found by searching for the phrase “Being part of the same premises…” It will include the book and page number of the previous deed, as well as the date and previous owner. Continue back as far as possible.
      2. Tax Assessor
        1. Find the current owner and report to the office. Ask the person at the front desk (nicely) to help. You should be able to find information regarding to the current value of the building.
    2. Local Public Library
    3. Historical Society
      1. Historical societies can offer a lot of different sources ranging from maps to entire indexes and histories on the local area.
  3. Utilize internet Sources
    1. Newspaper archives:
    2. IUP Library and Databases:
    3. IUP Magazine:
    4. Google
  4. Piece information together
    1. Create a timeline of chronological owners, occupants, etc.
    2. Once you have foundation of information on building, you can begin accessing more detailed information from the sources listed above

Project Team

Amber Trkula

 Laken Olah