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House and Building History Research: 628 Philadelphia Street

Student Projects


  1. After picking our building, we went to the Indiana County Deed’s Office located in the court house.
  2. Once we dated our building back to the original owner of the lot, we went to the Indiana Historical Society to research our building and the owners of our building.
  3. A large part of our research was looking going on to to learn about the building owners and their lives.
  4. The next step in research was searching the newspapers released in Indiana to see if our building or the owners were mentioned. We used Access Newspaper Archives on IUP Library’s database page.
  5. Being that Indiana, PA is a small town, we wanted to see where they lived in relation to our building. So, we used Google Maps to see just how close the owners resided from the building.
  6. We went to the library to read about Indiana, PA around the time the building was constructed.

Project Team

Dylan Hall

McKenna Miller