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ACCT840: Seminar in Managerial Accounting (Maheshwari)

Identify Keywords and Create Search Strings

Locate key words in your research topic.

Precise keywords are essential in the search for articles so choose words that specifically describe your topic. The words in bold below are the main keywords to search for information on this topic.

Example: In Libraries, how does activity-based costing support management decisions?


Formulate a search string using boolean operators (AND, OR & NOT)


  • Library OR Libraries AND activity-based costing,
  • Libraries AND activity-based costing AND management, 
  • Academic Libraries NOT Public Libraries AND activity-based costing AND management decisions

Use Limiters Within the Search Tools

The limiters built into search tools will help you refine your search results.


  • "Apply related words" (replaces truncation symbols)
  • "Also search within the full text of the articles" (broadens search)
  • "Apply equivalent subjects" (synonyms)
  • Scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals
  • Publication dates

Reformulate Search String

Reformulate your search string as needed. Utilize the following to locate other search terms/articles:

  • Interface/database-suggested Search Terms (pop up as you type)
  • Subjects/Descriptors/Keywords (found in detailed record)
  • "Find Similar Results"
  • Reference Lists - citation tracking