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HIST 420. Spring 2017. IUP between 1960 and 1970 : From the Bottom Up: A Decade of Change: Impact of National Politics on IUP

Student Project

Publications Consulted

Record Groups and Manuscript Collections Consulted

  • Record Group 75, The Annual Raymond L. Lee Public Affairs Forum. This Record Group contains information about the annual Public Affairs Forums held at IUP during the 1960's. Political Issues happening in America such as Red China, talks on Vietnam and other issues are discussed. This helps us see what political issues were important enough to be discussed on campus. 
  • Record Group 25, Office of Public Information.   This Record Group contains press releases, campus articles, publications, and scrapbooks. This is useful to see what issues were happening around the country and how IUP might have responded to some of them. 
  • Record Group 34, ROTC Information.  This Record Group contains publications and Scrapbooks that ROTC released. This is helpful to see how ROTC was perceived on campus. 

Researchers and Page Designers

Joe Conte
BA in History

Tori Murray

BA in History